12 Days of NewsHour: NewsHour ringtone

Imagine reliving that exciting moment when PBS NewsHour’s nightly broadcast begins to play on your television, computer or mobile screen every time the phone rings. Now you can.

As with Gwen and Judy’s voicemail message from Day 4, you can download the audio file above. Or you can download the ringtone specific files and follow these instructions:

For an iPhone, download the m4r file and follow these instructions from Huffington Post and start at step 8.

For an Android phone, follow these instructions.

1) Email yourself the m4a file from this link.

2) Open the email and save the attachment.

3) Go to Settings.

4) Click on Device.

5) Click on Sound.

6) Click Add.

7) Scroll to find the newshour-ringtone-android.m4a file

Set it as your universal ringtone or save it for when your favorite friends and family members call.

And don’t forget to fill them in on all the gifts we’ve already unveiled. In addition to the voicemail message from Gwen and Judy, be sure to take advantage of the 4k fireplace video, the cross stitch pattern, and Judy’s recipe for Georgia Cheese Biscuits along with some other favorite recipes contributed by various members of the NewsHour staff. And in case you thought we took the weekend off, check out Saturday’s stencil of the NewsHour logo and Sunday’s crossword puzzle.

How are you putting all these gifts to use? Tell us on social media using #12DaysofNewsHour.

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