12 Days of NewsHour: Sunday Crossword


1: Original NewsHour anchor and University of Missouri alum
2: The event that launched PBS NewsHour
6: The way Gwen and Judy ended their first broadcast as co-anchors
8: In addition to NewsHour, she’s the face of Washington Week
11: Where to go for objectivity and thoughtful reporting and analysis
12: Home station of PBS NewsHour
13: A blog of news and insight
14: Where correspondent Jeffrey Brown covers all things art and culture

3: PBS NewsHour Weekend anchor
4: Original NewsHour anchor who hails from Canada
5: What economics correspondent Paul Solman does to financial news
7: The duo you look forward to each Friday night
9: Co-chair of the International Women’s Media Foundation and co-anchor of PBS NewsHour
10: Your weekly chance to engage with experts on a wide variety of topics on Twitter
11: An interactive site for students and teachers with more than 150 lesson plans to explain current events in the classroom

12DaysBanner_FinalWhat’s better than a Sunday crossword puzzle? A NewsHour-themed Sunday crossword puzzle.

We hope you’ll find some time this Sunday to kick back and solve this 15-clue puzzle, perhaps while tuning in to NewsHour Weekend. After filling in the puzzle, you can check your answers here. This puzzle is the seventh gift in our 12 Days of NewsHour. On Day 1 we unveiled the first ad-free, longplay 4K video of a crackling fireplace on Youtube. Gift No. 2 was a NewsHour logo cross-stitch pattern. Judy shared her Georgia Cheese Biscuit recipe on Day 3, and on Day 4 she and Gwen recorded a voicemail message that you can download to your phone. On Day 5, the NewsHour staff offered up some of their favorite holiday cookie recipes. The NewsHour logo stencil from Day 6 is the perfect tool for creating homemade holiday gifts.

Are you enjoying the 12 Days of NewsHour so far? Let us know on social media using #12DaysofNewsHour. And keep checking back–we will unveil a new gift each day through Dec. 19.

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