300 Men March arrives in DC after overnight walk from Baltimore


More than 40 members of the 300 Men March — a Baltimore-based grass roots group that’s trying to bring attention to the violence in “Charm City” — completed a 35-mile overnight walk to Washington, D.C. It was their longest journey yet.


The men began their on-foot excursion Sunday night, and didn’t stop until they reached the National Mall this afternoon.

The group was founded two years ago, before riots and protests erupted in Baltimore following the death of Freddie Gray. On Friday nights, they canvass high-crime areas to recruit Baltimore youth and spread their anti-violence message.

This July, Baltimore saw a total of 45 homicides, making it the deadliest month since August 1972. In May, 300 Men March founder Munir Bahar talked to PBS NewsHour about the organization’s mission to promote and instill peace across the city.

“We got to stop killing each other,” Bahar told Hari Sreenivasan.

Watch our full report from May on the 300 Men March.

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