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A new PSA fights texting while driving — with a text

Video by TextsWreck

Twenty-one percent of all traffic accidents — 1.1 million crashes every year — occur when people use their cell phones while driving, the National Safety Council reported in 2011. Of those, more than 200,000 crashes are caused by texting and driving. Instead of sobering statistics and a Werner Herzog documentary, a new PSA hopes to raise awareness about the “national epidemic” with an emoji text message.

“We couldn’t think of a better place to put our message than in people’s text bubbles,” TextsWreck designer Nick Cade told Fast Company. “So we created the world’s first text against texting and driving and animated it using a language we all text in — emoji.”

The website also has a petition to get the TextsWreck emoji — a short, visual narrative that ends with two ghosts emerging from car wreckage — into Apple’s official library. Otherwise, you can retrieve the emoji from the website.

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