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Amazon enlists drones to bring deliveries to your doorstep

On Sunday, Amazon revealed its latest innovation — Amazon Prime Air, a drone meant to get online shoppers their deliveries faster than normal delivery. How fast? Within 30 minutes or less of purchase.

Amazon said that Prime Air won’t be commercially used for several years as it awaits FAA rules and regulations. But one day, the Prime Air FAQ claims, “Prime Air vehicles will be as normal as seeing mail trucks on the road today.”

Amazon isn’t the only company developing technology that some may associate with the likes of Star Wars. Knightscope, Inc., a company in California, has created K5 Autonomous Data Machine, a mobile robot that will be used as a security tool for schools, neighborhoods, even the local mall. It’s not quite R2-D2, but it’s close. The machine will have the ability to scan areas for dangerous materials and alert authorities.

Will machines soon make human labor obsolete? Economics correspondent Paul Solman explored that question in May 2012.

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