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Army of schoolgirls critiques China’s gender inequality

French artist Prune Nourry sculpted an army of Chinese schoolgirls to represent women’s social status in the country where the ratio is 117 boys to every 100 girls.

Using the same clay and modeling techniques as the “Terra-Cotta Warriors and Horses”, Nourry’s exhibit —“Terracotta Daughters” artificially cross-pairs facial features from eight Chinese girls. The army of 108 life-size schoolgirls is meant to raise awareness about female’s “seemingly unchangeable fates” in the nation.

“I wanted to highlight the girls that are not cared about, by mixing them with a strong familiar symbol [the Terra-Cotta Warriors],” the New York-based Nourry tells BBC. “When you change something slightly that everyone knows it creates something bizarre ? and people want to know more.”

In the year 2000, 90 percent of aborted fetuses were female, making China the country with the most uneven sex ratio.

H/T Cindy Huang

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