Around the Nation, Friday Roundup

Here are some of this week’s arts and culture headlines from public broadcasters around the nation:

– Actor Paul Giamatti tells Tavis Smiley about his new film, ‘Cold Souls.’

NPR gives listeners their first taste of Wilco’s new album called, appropriately, “Wilco (The Album)”.

– Filmmaker William Klein visits Minnesota Public Radio to kick off a weekend retrospective of his work at the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis. Klein first began as a photographer, capturing images of the streets of New York, before moving on to film.

– On WNET Thirteen’s Sunday Arts, the producer/director of a new film about Senegalese pop star and humanitarian Youssou N’Dour talks about his subject.

– Finally, on a light note, KPBS’s Angela Carone gives her blog readers a treat by posting a video of a flash mob in “hammer pants” (i.e. those crazy genie pants made famous by M.C. Hammer) taking over an LA boutique.