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As BlackBerry finds buyer, a look at why company missed consumer market

BlackBerry announced Monday that it found a buyer from a group led by its largest shareholder. But there are plenty of fundamental questions awaiting the company after Monday’s $4.7 billion deal: Can it regain any kind of edge or stronger foothold in the smartphone market? Why is it focusing on pursuing corporate customers again instead of the consumer market? And how competitive can the company be when its new phone product line failed to impress and now it’s preparing to lay off 40% of its staff?

Timothy Lee of the Washington Post’s blog, The Switch, looks at how Blackberry’s original mission and vision seems to have curtailed its ability to compete at another level until it was too late.

BlackBerry’s fall, including its share of the market, was also illustrated in four charts from the Wall Street Journal.

H/T Murrey Jacobson

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