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Be a work of art this Halloween

photoshop: Victoria FleischerWith a suit, an apple and little wire, Tim Notari transformed into a Magritte for Halloween. Photos by Flickr user Jennifer Murawski and wikicommons

It’s the weekend before Halloween. Let the costume party circuit commence. Don’t know what to wear? Why not channel your inner Van Gogh or your inner Picasso and go as your favorite work of art? It worked for these inspired revelers who we found on Flicker, among them, a Banksy, a Magritte, a Munch and even a whole modern art exhibit.

Check them out, and if you get inspired yourself and decide to dress up as a masterpiece, let us know. Tweet @newshourartbeat or tag @NewsHour on Instagram using the hashtag #costumecanvas. We’ll round up some of the best and share them with our readers.

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