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Bill Clinton’s advice for his wife on running for president: “get healthy”

Former President Bill Clinton had wise words of advice for his wife, the former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton: “Get healthy, write your book, do your charitable work. We don’t need a four-year presidential campaign,” he said referring to the grueling period of campaigning that has become part of the presidential election process.

Clinton spoke to PBS NewsHour’s Judy Woodruff on Monday just before the kickoff to the Clinton Global Initiative annual meeting in New York. During the interview, he also opened up about his private conversations with his wife. He said they’re not nearly as political as everyone thinks they are and that they rarely talk “politics-politics,” as he put it.

“We don’t sit around all the time talking about this. We swim in the late afternoon every day. And if either one of us even mentions a political topic we will stop the other one and just talk about the weather or whatever.”

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