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Bill Cosby sues seven of his accusers

Bill Cosby is suing seven of the women who have accused him of sexual assault.

In a statement filed Monday, Cosby claims the women have been making “malicious, opportunistic, and false and defamatory accusations” against him.

Although nearly 60 women have accused the 78-year-old comedian of sexual assault, the seven women Cosby is suing have also sued him for defamation.

Three of the seven women sued Cosby in December 2014, after he claimed they made up their stories to tarnish his reputation and make money off him. The other four women joined the suit in November 2015.

The women claimed that their reputations were damaged due to Cosby’s denial of their allegations and use of disparaging language against them. The women further say that when they went public with their allegations, Cosby allowed his representatives to brand them as liars.

Cosby’s lawsuit was filed in response to these women’s claims.

Cosby says in the countersuit that the women are “engaged in a campaign to assassinate” his reputation and character. Cosby’s lawyers argued that their remarks were personal opinions protected by the First Amendment and legal declarations made in his defense.

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