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Biographer on newly discovered Van Gogh painting

“He is coming to terms with his insanity. This is before he cut his ear off, but he is coming to terms with his severe medical problems…”

“He would eventually accept his brother’s advice to go into the insane asylum in Saint-Remy. What is amazing about this painting is it has looseness, and that is the style of painting we see in his painting done within the asylum. When he got there, instead of feeling trapped, he felt liberated. The work in all is magnificent. In starry night you see a freedom, that he had yielded to the idea he is medically ill and needed to be taken care of. This painting shows that freedom. Any time you see an artist moving from one period to another it is really exciting, you can see inside the mind of great genius at work.”

–Steven Naifeh, who co-wrote a biography on Van Gogh.

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