Bitcoin values surges after Zynga announces digital currency support

An online gaming company, Zynga, announced it will test out accepting bitcoins as payment by users of their online games..

Five years since the first 50 Bitcoins were mined, the digital currency is continuing to gain authority as a valuable tender.

The online gaming company Zynga announced Saturday that they would test out accepting Bitcoins as payment for seven of their games, including FarmVille 2.

After Zynga’s announcement, Bitcoin value increased on Monday, peaking at $1,093 per coin, according to Bitcoin exchange Mt.Gox calculations.

Bitcoin made headlines last October when the FBI seized “Silk Road”, an online black marketplace for drugs and other contraband, payable in the digital currency, that had done over a billion dollars worth of business just in the last two years.

Read the full statement from Zynga, originally published on Reddit:

We wanted to share with the r/bitcoin community that Zynga Inc. (NASDAQ: ZNGA) is now conducting a Bitcoin test with BitPay (, a leading Bitcoin service provider, in select web games.

In response to Bitcoin’s rise in popularity around the world, Zynga, with help from BitPay, is testing expanded payment options for players to make in-game purchases using Bitcoin. The Bitcoin test is only available to players playing FarmVille 2, CastleVille, ChefVille, CoasterVille, Hidden Chronicles, Hidden Shadows and CityVille. The games can be accessed at

Zynga is always working to improve our customer experience by incorporating player feedback into our games. We look forward to hearing from our players about the Bitcoin test so we can continue in our efforts to provide the best possible gaming experience. Check out the test and let us know your thoughts.

Thank you!