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Blacks, Hispanics doubtful about media accuracy

While Americans are consuming news more frequently and on multiple platforms, not all Americans think the digital news they’re reading is fair. Survey the two largest minority groups in the U.S. — African-Americans and Hispanics — and you’ll find that only half of each group thinks that the media reports regularly on their community. Furthermore, one-third of Hispanics and only one-fourth of African-Americans think the media covers their communities accurately.

A new study published Tuesday by the American Press Institute reveals that these Americans are using the same digital tools at the same rate as the American population overall. In fact, they are adapting to most mobile technology at “even higher rates” than non-Hispanic whites.

But the majority of African-Americans and Hispanic-Americans don’t rely on new technology to deliver relevant news about them and their communities. In total, the African-American and Hispanic community totals 30 percent of the U.S. population. Instead of new media, African-Americans tend to tune into local news stations and social media for news they can relate to. Hispanics read their news in “ethnically focused media outlets” but are less likely to read news in print overall.

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