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Hungary agrees to bus migrants to Austria

Hungary gave in to pressure today, and agreed to bus migrants to Austria. Two days ago, Hungary had blocked the migrants from travelling on trains to Austria, stranding thousands of them in Budapest. After hundreds of refugees began walking the 150 miles to Austria, Hungary agreed to buses. The buses will apparently pick up the migrants stranded at Budapest’s main train station, as well as those that had already begun walking.

The decision comes as Europe still tries to figure out what to do with the biggest migrant crisis since the end of World War II.

It also comes on the same day the Hungarian parliament passed emergency anti-immigration laws to halt the surge of refugees crossing into the EU, reports the AFP.

The new laws call for a three-year jail term for anyone caught climbing the newly built razor wire fence on the border with Serbia, and new transit zones, where asylum-seekers must stay while their application is being processed.

While some countries are tightening their laws, Ireland announced today it would take in an additional 1,800 refugees, after accepting 600.

So far, Germany has accepted 35,000 refugees, Canada more than 10,000, Australia 5,600, and Switzerland 3,500, according to the BBC.

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