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“Breaking Bad” fan’s comic goes viral

Credit: AMC

As fans of “Breaking Bad” gear up for tonight and what creator and show runner, Vince Gilligan, says is the best episode they’ve ever done, a blog post about the cult show has been making the rounds on the web. Blogger Chris Keelty wrote a comic after catching up on the show. Keelty calls the show “uniquely American” and says that he was inspired to draw it after seeing how the show juxtaposes what he sees as two of America’s policy failures: the for-profit health care industry and the war on drugs, which he believes has created a black market that makes the manufacture and sale of illegal drugs profitable.”

Keelty posted a video earlier this week, expressing his surprise at the comic’s popularity and explaining his views and others’ disagreement with them.

Here’s Keelty’s viral cartoon.

“Breaking Bad” is currently in its final season. To read NewsHour’s post on the science of “Breaking Bad,” click here.

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