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Centuries-old time capsule from Sam Adams and Paul Revere unearthed in Boston

A 219-year-old time capsule, believed to be originally buried in 1795 by Samuel Adams and Paul Revere, was unearthed Thursday in Boston.

The time capsule, believed to be the oldest unopened one in the U.S., was first discovered on Beacon Hill in 1855 during emergency repairs to the State House. It was immediately reburied by then-Governor Henry Garnder, where it did not see the light of day until December’s excavation by Museum of Fine Arts conservator Pam Hatchfield.

According to the the Boston Globe, the capsule, encased in granite, is believed to include silver and copper coins that date back to 1652 and 1855, newspapers, a title page from the Massachusetts Colony Records and the seal of the Commonwealth.

The piece of American history was taken to the Museum of Fine Arts. There it will be X-rayed before its contents are revealed and made available to view to the public.

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