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Children cost an hour of leisure every day


Employed adults in a household with children under six spend a full hour less per day on leisure activities than other employed adults. This is according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ annual report, released Wednesday, on how Americans spend their time. On average, employed adults without small children at home spent 4.5 hours daily on leisure activities.

The report also looked at labor divisions, where it found that, on average, employed men spend 53 minutes more a day at work than employed women. The report suggests the number of women working part-time jobs contributed to that gap. The average employed person spent 7.6 hours a day at work and about 36 percent of workers did some work after they got home.

At home parents saw a lot of their time taken up by household activities and primary care giving duties. Eighty-three percent of women and 65 percent of men spent time doing household activities. However, on an average day, if you look just at cleaning and laundry only 19 percent of men did those duties compare to 49 percent of women. Men were more likely to spend their time on lawn care, food preparation, or financial management.

When time for leisure rolls around, TV occupies the most time, on average 2.8 hours a day. Socializing as a leisure activity accounted, on average, for 43 minutes a day. Though, adults age 75 and older enjoyed an average of 7.5 hours spent on leisure activities every day.

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