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Oxford Resarch Group finds snipers in Syria targeting children

The father of 13-year old Yahya Sweed talks with his son on the day after he was released from hospital; one of his legs was amputated due to shrapnel following shelling by government forces on the town of Kfar Nubul, Syria. Credit: Aniel Leal-Olivas/AFP/Getty Images

More than 11,000 children have died in the Syria conflict over the last three years, according to a new report published by a London-based think tank.

The Oxford Research Group said most children are killed by bombs or shells in their own neighborhood, but children as young as one have also been subjected to torture and executions.
The group used data collected by Syrian civil society groups that have been recording deaths and human rights violations that have occurred during the conflict.

According to the report, of the 11,420 children aged 17 or younger, most have been killed in the city of Aleppo — and boys outnumber girls 2 to 1.

While the majority of children were killed by explosive weapons, 764 were killed by summary executions and 389 were killed by sniper fire, with evidence showing some children were specifically targeted.

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