Political hopes dashed, Detroit bankruptcy case has “done me in,” Kevin Orr says

Kevin Orr, who was appointed to oversee all Detroit’s finances in March 2013, told Reuters on Wednesday that his experience with the Motor City’s bankruptcy case has made him rethink ever becoming a politician.

“This has erased any political aspirations, dead or barely alive, that I ever had, and I was a political science major. This has done me in.”

Orr was appointed for an 18-month term in March 2013 to rescue the city from its long-term debt of $20 billion. Orr’s proposal is currently being negotiated with creditors and will eventually need a judge’s approval to proceed.

After going through the largest municipal bankruptcy in American history, Orr added that he won’t be tackling similar cases in the near future.

“You probably won’t see me in this kind of gig again,” he said to Reuters. “I think I’ve had my fill.”

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