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Colo. Gov: Floods are ‘life threatening’

A foot and a half or two feet of water doesn’t look like it’s life threatening, but it is. It’s different than normal water.

Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper.

In Denver this morning, Hickenlooper updated the flooding situation affecting thousands of people in and around Boulder. The governor warned residents in the flood zone to stay off the roads whenever possible.

So, we continue to encourage everybody stay off bridges, stay away from bridges, right? If it’s a culvert and you see the culvert is blocked and there’s a bunch of water backing up behind it, in that water is all this debris that sooner or later, quite likely could push that culvert and that whole roadway away. You don’t want to be anywhere near when that happens.

President Obama signed an emergency declaration for the state last night, freeing up federal aid and letting the Federal Emergency Management Agency coordinate relief efforts.

*H/T Lorna Baldwin.

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