Conversation With Author Daniel Handler, aka Lemony Snicket

'The Composer Is Dead'Through a series of unfortunate events, apparently, Daniel Handler did not grow up to be a musician. Instead, he — or rather, one Lemony Snicket — grew up to write the wildly popular series, “A Series of Unfortunate Events.” The 13 books in the series have sold roughly 60 million copies in the last 10 years.

Handler has maintained his love of music, though, and he’s just published a new illustrated book called “The Composer Is Dead,” a collaboration with artist Carson Ellis and composer Nathaniel Stookey. The book comes with a CD with Handler narrating and the San Francisco Symphony performing Stookey’s score.

To celebrate the book’s release, Handler, Stookey and the Orchestra of St. Luke’s will perform this Saturday, March 7, at New York’s Carnegie Hall.

Daniel Handler, Lemony Snicket, joined me by phone:

Listen to an excerpt of “The Composer Is Dead”: