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Icy conditions across northeast harry morning commuters

As Americans across the Northeast made their way into work Friday morning, many were faced with icy roads and slush from the deadly winter storm that pounded east coast Thursday. The storm left 21 people dead and more than one million without power.

In Pennsylvania, traffic came to a halt as a massive 100-car pileup occurred on the Pennsylvania Turnpike north of Philadelphia as a result of icy conditions.

And the storm is not over yet. The National Weather Service reported that the nor’easter will likely dump an additional two to five inches of snow in New England Friday morning, before weakening Friday afternoon.

More than 14,000 flights were canceled this week as the winter weather made its way up the east coast. More than 75,000 flights have been canceled this winter, the highest number in 25 years.

The latest storm came as shoppers and florists were preparing for Valentine’s Day. On Friday, florists across the east coast were faced the challenge of delivering flowers in the winter weather. Mike Flood, owner of Falls Church Florist in Virginia, told The Associated Press, “It’s a godawful thing. We’re going to lose money. There’s no doubt about it.”

Yet some remained hopeful that with the storm dying down on Friday, stores may be able to recover some of their lost Valentine’s Day revenue. Gov. Tom Corbett of Pennsylvania told PBS NewsHour Thursday, “Well, obviously, when the stores aren’t open, there is a clear effect on the economy … It is the day before Valentine’s Day. So I know a lot of people might be doing their shopping tomorrow. So, hopefully, we will make it up tomorrow.”

While snowfall is expected to taper off Friday afternoon, NWS also reported a “winter weather event” following the current storm system. NWS said this event will stretch from the Central Appalachians to New England but “snowfall amounts should be considerably less than what was observed on Wednesday and Thursday.”

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