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DC mayor says shutdown compromises entire city’s public safety

Washington Mayor Vincent Gray wrote in a letter to President Barack Obama, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and House Speaker John Boehner that “time is running out” for the city before all reserved funds used during the shutdown are exhausted.

“Once again, our citizens find themselves innocent bystanders to a federal government shutdown — made even more insulting because we have no voting voice in Congress — and an archaic and unjust federal law prevents us from spending our own local tax dollars to provide services for which our residents have already paid.

Mayor Gray requested an immediate meeting to discuss the shutdown’s implications for the nation’s capital, which he said has affected the District more than any other place in the country.

Gray said the entire District’s public safety has been compromised, because the shutdown prevents the city from distributing Urban Area Security Initiative money, federal grant funds to protect the Washington metro area against threats or acts of terrorism.

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