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What some of the funniest minds in comedy are saying about “Breaking Bad”

If you’ve been reading “The Rundown” over the past couple of months, then you’ll know that some of us here at NewsHour are kind of fanatics when it comes to AMC’s “Breaking Bad”.

Credit: AMC’s Breaking Bad

We’ve posted entries on the science behind the show. We’ve alerted you to the top ten weirdest meth lab locations, possibly in your hometown. We’ve shown you how to make your own (totally fake) blue crystal meth. We’ve even posted on other fans’ blog posts.

But there’s one side of “Breaking Bad” we haven’t yet covered. The funny side. Luckily, there are professional funny people to do that for us. And, thanks to the quip corralling pen that is Twitter, we have all of their thoughts in one place.

Here’s what some of the funniest minds in comedy are saying about “Breaking Bad.”

Comedian Todd Barry slammed some of his fellow comedians with a new trending topic of his own design: #BreakingBadInsults.

Warning: Aziz Ansari’s predictions about tonight’s episode may not make much sense unless you’re familiar with another cult television show.

And, finally:

Tonight is the final episode of “Breaking Bad”. We figured that devotees of the show could use a good laugh. Wouldn’t you agree, Walt?

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