Elephants in the Room on NewsHour Weekend Sunday

Hope you’re enjoying your Sunday afternoon!

Along with some of the day’s headlines — our signature piece on tonight’s program is about one of the elephants in the room: immigration.

Credit: N. A. Naseer via Wikimedia Commons

Join us as we look at proposed legislation in New Jersey called Tuition Equity, a plan that would allow undocumented students to qualify for in-state tuition at state universities and colleges.

By the way — #humblebrag — we posted this piece online earlier this week and then took your questions in a Facebook chat we like to call #AnchorHours. Check out this week’s conversation, featuring correspondent Rick Karr.

Before our tuition equity piece airs, we’ll have an update for you on the impending government shutdown — a back and forth that continues among those whose mascots are elephants and donkeys — with political editor Christina Bellantoni?. Also included in tonight’s program is an interview on the healthcare exchanges that are set to open Tuesday.

Oh and a story about actual elephants– in Zimbabwe. Apparently poachers are now using poison to kill them for their tusks and ivory.

That’s all coming up tonight.

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