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Everything that happened in 2013 in one drawing

“Here’s to 2013.” Illustration by Mario Zucca

President Obama sitting at a computer with an error message, Lebron James holding a trophy and Kim Kardashian pushing a stroller– all in one place.

Here’s to 2013” is a blend of pop culture and news, depicting nearly 90 events that took place this year. The drawing includes some of the year’s most popular television shows and newsmakers, including “Breaking Bad” and Pope Francis.

Illustrator Mario Zucca was approached by Beutler Ink, a public relations agency, to compile all of the year’s events into one drawing. “I jumped at the chance,” Zucca wrote in his blog. However, he also noted that the task was “daunting.”

“I didn’t really know where to start,” Zucca wrote, “so I began by mapping out the events into basic zones.” Zucca posted a breakdown of his drawing, showing the events are divided into sections. For instance, on the right side near the balcony he planned to draw Prince William and Kate Middleton with their baby along with Dennis Rodman and Kim Jong Un.

Zucca told The Los Angeles Times that he has decided to draw a similar piece in the coming years. “I think based on the response this has gotten, it will definitely have to become a yearly thing,” he said.

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