FBI intercepts teenagers’ plan to join Islamic State in Syria

U.S. authorities are currently investigating a case involving three teenage girls — two sisters and their friend — suspected of leaving their homes in Arapahoe County in Denver to join the Islamic State militant group in Syria.

The three girls, the sisters of Somali descent and their friend of Sudanese descent, left the country and flew to Frankfurt, Germany where U.S. officials intercepted their plan to enter Syria through Turkey.

Once they were arrested at Frankfurt airport, the girls were flown back to Denver on Monday where they met with FBI agents. After seizing personal items like their computers, investigators are reviewing the evidence that the girls were indeed headed to Syria.

Last Friday, the Somali family reported their 15 and 17-year-old daughters missing and the Sudanese family reported their 16-year-old missing, along with $2,000 and their passports.

“The families indicated they didn’t know where they were at and they did not know where they were going,” Glenn Thompson, Arapahoe sheriff’s bureau chief told the Denver Post. He added that the family believes the girls bought their own tickets.

U.S. officials called the case “concerning” to the community and to the country, especially when many foreign fighters from dozens of nations have been attempting to join the terrorist group in the Middle East.