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Florida leads the U.S. in mass shootings in 2016

The largest mass shooting in modern American history killed or injured 104 people in a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida, adding to the nation’s running tally of almost daily incidents of significant gun violence.

Nationwide, 282 people were killed and 655 more injured so far this year, in 176 incidents of gun violence that each injured at least four individuals, according to data collected from the Reddit thread, GunsAreCool.

There were a total of six mass shootings across the United States on June 12, the day of the Orlando shooting.

According to the NewsHour’s analysis of the data, out of 937 total victims, 201 of them — about one out of five — were in Florida.

Even before Sunday’s mass shooting doubled Florida’s 2016 victims, the state still led the country, followed by California with 73 people killed or wounded, and Texas with 62 victims of significant gun violence.

June may be the nation’s most violent month this year. Thirteen days in, 170 people have been killed or wounded as a result of significant incidents of gun violence, according to the data. So far, April holds that distinction with 185 people who were injured or died after such attacks.

Basic questions persist about the degree to which gun violence is a problem in the United States. For instance, how does the nation define a mass shooting?

One reason why is that there is no single official count, the Washington Post reported. Two decades ago, Congress threatened to strip funding from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention if the agency studied gun violence.

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