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From street art to African art

On the Sunday edition of NewsHour Weekend, reporter Tracy Wholf looks at the street art movement in New York City. Although it’s been around for several decades, street art got a jolt of publicity when famed British street artist Banksy took up residency in the Big Apple during the month of October and produced a piece a day. With Banksy art selling for hundreds of thousands of dollars at auction, it’s hard for the average art-fan to become an owner of such a work of art…unless you’re one the few New Yorkers who managed to buy a Banksy for $60 at an unmarked stall near Central Park on October 12th, or you simply stole his latest work off the street. But street art isn’t the only trend in the art world at the moment. African art is quickly gaining global attention and this week Kenya will host the first modern and contemporary art auction of East African art with pieces starting around $1100. Judging from the auction lots, beautiful pieces are up for grabs for a relatively nominal sum…perhaps the next “Banksy” is among them.

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