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GM, rideshare Lyft to launch first self-driving cars in Austin

Want to ride in General Motors’ first self-driving cars? Consider a move to Texas and make sure to work on your sharing skills. According to a scoop at Mashable, the American carmaker’s first fleet of autonomous vehicles will land in Austin, thanks to a partnership with the ride-sharing company Lyft.

The report comes on the heels of GM announcing a $500 million investment in Lyft as part of an effort to launch a national network of self-driving automobiles. At last week’s Consumer Electronic Show, GM reps said its latest version of Chevy’s new Bolt electric car has been designed with ride-sharing in mind.

The new Bolt will sell for $30,000, but General Motors President Dan Ammann told Mashable that their self-driving car would be available for ride-sharing before being sold to customers.

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