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Google to expand Google Fiber technology

Google announced Wednesday that it plans to expand its fiber optic communication technology, known as Google Fiber, to an additional 34 cities this year.

Fiber technologies provide Internet and television service at higher speeds than traditional copper cable. And Google claims that its Internet service is 100 times faster than the basic broadband network.

The company identified nine metro areas in the western and southern United States where it plans to expand Google Fiber, but has yet to identify the specific cities that will receive its fiber optic technology.

“We’re going to work side-by-side with city leaders on a two-part joint planning process to evaluate whether we can bring Google Fiber to a community,” the company posted on the Google Fiber website.

The process includes an evaluation of the plausibility of fiber construction based on the city’s geography and construction policies as well as a study of the potential costs for construction.

Google Fiber is currently used in Kansas City, Mo., Austin, Texas, and Provo, Utah. In Kansas City, a Google Fiber plan that includes television and Internet costs $120 a month.

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