Are you guilty of ‘oversharenting’?

You’ve seen them in your Facebook feed. Maybe you’re one yourself — a parent who shares. A lot.

A “sharent.”

Of course, you’re not alone. A new poll from C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital at the University of Michigan found that many parents of young children (in this sample, ages 0-4) use social media like Facebook to talk about parenting topics like childhood health, nutrition and discipline.

The issues most commonly discussed among the 56 percent of moms and 34 percent of dads polled include:

  • Sleeping tips (28 percent)
  • Nutrition and eating tips (26 percent)
  • Discipline (19 percent)
  • Daycare and preschool (17 percent)
  • And behavior problems (13 percent)

But when does this discussion cross the line? Most parents who use social media — 74 percent — said they know of other parents that overshare. Fifty-six percent said that some parents post embarrassing information about their child, 51 percent said they’ve seen information that could identify a child’s location and 27 percent said that other parents share inappropriate photos of their children.

We’re asking: What do you think is too far when it comes to sharing stories, photos and information about your child? Leave your answer in the comments section below.

Read the full report from C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital National Poll on Children’s Health.