Happy Halloween! Here’s an hour-long, 4K jack-o’-lantern video for you

Video shot and edited by Justin Scuiletti.

Feel too lazy to carve your own pumpkin this Halloween? Think that jack-o’-lantern clean-up really isn’t worth jack? Have we got the solution for you!

Presenting: Virtual jack-o’-lanterns.

Cozy up on your couch, eat all the candy you can stand, listen to spooky tunes and watch these pumpkins flicker all night long. Best of all, there’s no work for you to do, because we already did it.

That’s right, we as in the PBS NewsHour staff. What you’re about to witness is the result of a haunting jack-o’-lantern competition — the best of the best the most wicked of wicked carved pumpkins.

No tricks here. Just a Happy Halloween treat.

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