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HatCam Goes Running: PBS NewsHour Team Takes 4th of 17 in Charity Race

Social media editor Colleen Shalby sported NewsHour’s celebrated HatCam Wednesday as she ran the ACLI Capitol Challenge. Video edited by Meena Ganesan

Members of Congress, journalists, judges and agency staffers ran on common ground Wednesday morning in the annual ACLI Capital Challenge at Washington’s Anacostia Park.

The PBS NewsHour team, “No Commercials, No Mercy,” placed fourth out of 17 teams in the electronic media category. Also present at the 3-mile race was NewsHour’s own HatCam. Watch some of the course’s highlights captured by the GoPro-connected device in the the video above.

Find the full list of winners here. Here are a few highlights:

1st Senator — Male

Sen. Rob Portman

Team Portman


It’s worth noting NewsHour’s own deputy political editor Terence Burlij came in alongside the Republican senator, who hails from his home state of Ohio.

1st Senator — Female

Sen. Kelly Ayotte

Galloping Granite Staters


NewsHour’s Political Editor Christina Bellantoni, the captain of our team, finished ahead of Ayotte by 24 seconds.

1st Rep. — Male (Mike Synar Award)

Rep. Tom Cotton

Cotton Tail Rabbits


1st Rep. — Female

Rep. Kyrsten Sinema

Hot Mess


1st Agency Head – Male

Daniel Elliott

STB-Surface Transport Board


1st Agency Head – Female

Leocadia Zak

USTDA – Trade Runners


1st Fed. Judge — Male
Judge Brett Kavanaugh

D. C. Circuitry (U.S. Court of Appeals for D.C. Circuit)


1st Fed Judge — Female

Judge Catharine Easterly

Race Judicata (D.C. Court of Appeals)


Best Named Team

Broken Down by Age & Sex

Howard Hogan, Chief Demographer

Census Bureau

2nd Best Name

Sciquest Racin’

Jeffery Mercis

Science Magazine

3rd Best Name

For Boston Inspired

Michael Kortan, Assistant Director


Worst Named Team

Swall’s Well That End’s Well

2nd Worst Name

Hoosier Mama Express

Rep. Susan Brooks

3rd Worst Name

Running Stimulates the Census

Doug Clift

Census Bureau

Best Spirit


Winning Teams

1st Senate Team

Team Portman

Sen. Rob Portman

2nd Senate Team

The Grassley Panters

Sen. Charles Grassley

1st House Team

Cotton Tail Rabbits

Rep. Tom Cotton

2nd House Team

Red, White & Blumenauer

Rep. Earl Blumenauer

1st Executive Branch Team
Navy’s Global Force for Speed
U.S. Navy

2nd Executive Branch Team

Full Blooded Intensity


1st Print Media Team

Bloomberg Terminal Velocity

Bloomberg News

2nd Print Media Team

CQ RC News Travels Fast

CQ/Roll Call

1st Electronic Media Team

FBN: The Power to Perspire

Fox Business News

2nd Electronic Media Team

North Capital Challengers


1st Judicial Team

D.C. Circuitry

US Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit

2nd Judicial Team

Expedited Motion

D.C. Court of Appeals

Running the Beltway: Worlds Collide as Senators, Journalists Race in Capitol Challenge

Storified by NewsHour· Wed, May 15 2013 20:26:21

NewsHour spirit was in full-force Wednesday morning, ahead of the 8 a.m. race in Washington’s Anacostia Park.
This morning, team "No Commercials, No Mercy" (can you figure out where we got our name from?) ran in the #ACLI Capital Challenge race against senators, judges and news organizations, led by our fearless captain Christina Bellantoni (@cbellantoni7).newshour
What we learned: D.C. runners have their own sense of humor.
Best sign ever. At the ACLI Capital Challenge (a race between politicians and members of the media) Lots of fun! http://pic.twitter.com/TvTFSXkmqENatalie DiBlasio
The signs here are hilarious #ACLI http://pic.twitter.com/mXD1Hk2W6WColleen Shalby
The race included House and Senate teams from both sides of the aisle:
Caught a pic of team @ChuckGrassley at the ACLI Capital Challenge while cheering on team @newshour. http://pic.twitter.com/E7dzPP0YPDAllison McCartney
Up early running to raise money for wounded #veterans @wwpinc at the #ACLI challenge. http://pic.twitter.com/pwNXCiNs93Sen. Heidi Heitkamp
Participated in the #ACLI Capitol Challenge run this morning with staff from our DC office! http://pic.twitter.com/c8XLbuo82oMatt Cartwright
Team Lummis kick started the day at the ACLI Capital Challenge.cynthia_lummis
Rep. Cotten fastest lawmaker in ACLI Cap Challenge. Ran 3 miles in just under 18 minutesEmily Goodin
Also present were teams from print and electronic media, the judicial and executive branches and other government agencies:
ACLI Capital Challenge results: PR’d at 24:47, tied with senator @robportman and helped raise money for @wwpinc!Susannah Snider
ACLI Capital Challenge 2013 | FacebookFacebook
The Bradlee Fighting Vehicles: 4th out of 33 print-media teams. Journalism is alive. http://www.capitalchallenge.com/2001_cabinet/results/2013/2013_print_media_team_results1.html #ACLIDan Zak
Go Team NASA! #ACLI http://pic.twitter.com/CZigy2gjQFLauren Worley
2013 NATIONAL GUARD Capital Challenge Teamngaus1878
. @NewsHour staffers raced w/ judges, senators & reporters this morning at #acli. Here, @CShalby w/ #hatcam: http://pic.twitter.com/N7xzOIRVOwMeena

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