After drenching Texas, heavy rain in Patricia’s wake moving east

Heavy rains that have drenched parts of Texas since Friday are now expected to move east toward Louisiana, the National Weather Service said Sunday.

The storm, caused partly by the remnants of Hurricane Patricia, dropped more than nine inches of rain on Houston, causing flooding and forcing the closure of numerous roads. The town of Powell, about 50 miles south of Dallas, reported 20 inches of rainfall within 30 hours.

No deaths or major destruction from the storms were reported in the state, but one man was missing after reportedly being swept away by floodwater while walking his dog near San Antonio, the Associated Press reported, and the Houston Fire Department rescued 28 motorists stranded by high waters.

Flash flood warnings and watches were still in effect early Sunday but expired as the storm moved eastward into the afternoon.

Weather forecasters said three to eight inches of rain were possible in areas around New Orleans and Baton Rouge over Sunday night, Reuters reported.

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