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Houston tops list of dog attacks on postal workers

Dogs had a bone to pick with Houston postal workers in 2013.

On Wednesday, the United States Postal Service released its annual list of top cities where dogs frequently attack postal workers. Houston topped the list with a total of 63 attacks on its employees. Los Angeles came in second and Cleveland third with 61 and 58 attacks respectively.

The list was released as the USPS launches into National Dog Bite Prevention Week, May 18 to 24, which aims to raise awareness of dog attacks and spread important safety tips. Part of the goal is to also emphasize responsibility of the dogs’ owners in the prevention of attacks.

“There’s a myth we often hear at the Postal Service,” said Postal Service manager of safety Linda DeCarlo. “Don’t worry -– my dog won’t bite. Dog attacks are a nationwide issue and not just a postal problem.”

The USPS says that nearly 5,600 postal workers were attacked by dogs in 2013 and that 4.5 million people are bitten annually in the United States.

Safety tips suggested by the Postal Service include:

  • Obedience training can teach dogs proper behavior and help owners control their dog in any situation.
  • When the letter carrier comes to your home, keep your dog inside, away from the door, in another room, or on a leash.
  • Dogs can be protective of their territory and may interpret the actions of letter carriers as a threat. Please take precautions when accepting mail in the presence of your pet.
  • Dogs that haven’t been properly socialized, receive little attention or handling, or are left tied-up for long periods of time frequently turn into biters.

Dog bites/attacks on USPS workers by city, 2013:

  1. Houston, Texas — 63
  2. Los Angeles, California — 61
  3. Cleveland, Ohio — 58
  4. San Diego, California — 53
  5. Chicago, Illinois — 47
  6. Baltimore, Maryland — 46
  7. Dallas, Texas — 45
  8. Denver, Colorado — 41
  9. Columbus, Ohio — 39
  10. Kansas City, Missouri — 33
  11. Minneapolis, Minnesota — 32
    Phoenix, Arizona
  12. Portland, Oregon — 31
  13. Sacramento, California — 30
  14. Indianapolis, Indiana — 29
  15. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
    Seattle, Washington
    St. Louis, Missouri — 28
  16. Cincinnati, Ohio — 26
    Fort Worth, Texas
    San Jose, California
  17. Charlotte, North Carolina — 25
  18. Miami, Florida — 23
  19. Fresno, California — 22
    Long Beach, California
    Oakland, California
    San Antonio, Texas
    Wichita, Kansas
  20. Detroit, Michigan — 21
  21. Jacksonville, Florida — 20
    Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
    San Francisco, California
    Tulsa, Oklahoma
  22. Memphis, Tennessee — 19
  23. Brooklyn, New York — 18
    Rochester, New York
  24. Washington, D.C. — 17
  25. Pittsburg, Pennsylvania — 16
  26. Austin, Texas — 15
    Louisville, Kentucky
  27. Baton Rouge, Louisiana — 14
    El Paso, Texas
    Flushing, New York
    Springfield, Missouri
  28. Bakersfield, California — 13
    Dayton, Ohio
    Fort Wayne, Indiana
    Las Vegas, Nevada
    New Orleans, Louisiana
    Van Nuys, California
  29. Atlanta, Georgia — 12
    Aurora, Colorado
    Milwaukee, Wisconsin
    San Juan, Puerto Rico
    Youngstown, Ohio
  30. Cedar Rapids, Iowa — 11
    Des Moines, Iowa
    Evansville, Indiana
    Richmond, California
    Richmond, Virginia
    Salt Lake City, Utah
    Santa Ana, California

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