How Can Media Move Millions Toward Action?

I’m playing a small role in what I think will be an interesting one-day conference co-hosted by our PBS colleagues at ITVS (the folks who bring documentaries to PBS through Independent Lens) and the United States Institute for Peace on Thursday, Feb. 28. I’ll be moderating questions and insights from the audiences outside the room, from across social media, and conducting interviews exclusive to the livestream with some of the guests, including Alec Ross and Nick Kristof.

The conversations at “Media as Global Diplomat: Media That Moves Millions” will include a panel on how to translate campaigns from the online world to the offline one, and feature some of the brains behind very successful movements including We Are All Khaled Said and One Million Voices Against FARC. Frank Sesno will also moderate one on global movements and perhaps include insights from Nick Kristof on how Kristof helped build Half The Sky into a multi-platform, multi-country experience. There will also be workshops in the latter half of the day.

Official information on the event can be found here.

Watch the entire day via livestream above and follow the Twitter action below:

You can also tweet a question directly to me and I’ll try and include it in the conversation as time permits. Be sure to use #GlobalDiplomat so I see it.

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