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Hummingbird trumps Caffeine: Google rolls out new search

Photo by David Paul Morris/Getty Images.

September marks the 15th anniversary of technology giant Google. To accompany
the big 15, the company has announced Thursday a new change to their search engine in the form of a search algorithm update.

The Hummingbird update is designed to make search results more relevant and helpful, particularly when users ask complex questions. Google claims that the new algorithm will create a better user experience by understanding higher-level concepts and the relationships between them. This is a change from the previous update, Caffeine, which was introduced in 2010 and focused mainly on words.

Google Senior Vice President Amit Singhal maintains that the company will continue to improve their search engine to mimic more fluid, human interactions.

“This means giving you the best possible answers, making it easy to have a conversation and helping out before you even have to ask,” Singhal said. “Hopefully, we’ll save you a few minutes of hassle each day. So keep asking Google tougher questions — it keeps us on our toes! After all, we’re just getting started.”

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