#ILookLikeAnEngineer challenges public perception of gender norms in tech

Sexist online reactions to an ad campaign featuring a female engineer prompted engineers to share their stories on Twitter with the hashtag #ILookLikeAnEngineer.

On Aug. 1, Isis Anchalee, a 22-year-old platform engineer at San Francisco-based software firm OneLogin, wrote a post on Medium addressing reaction to a tech ad she was featured in on the BART.

The ad — one of four her company used for a recruiting campaign — received a deluge of negative attention online, where some people questioned the authenticity of the advertising based on Anchalee’s gender.

“The negative opinions about this ad that strangers feel so compelled to share illustrate solid examples of the sexism that plagues tech,” Anchalee wrote.

When a man posted the image to Facebook, suggesting that a female engineer wouldn’t look like Anchalee, she responded with #ILookLikeAnEngineer.

Image courtesy of Isis Anchalee.

Isis Anchalee appeared in this ad for the software firm OneLogin, where she works. Image courtesy of Isis Anchalee

Engineers of all genders have chimed in on Twitter, posting their photos and asserting the fact that they are in fact, engineers.


Since its creation, the hashtag has been used over 50,000 times.

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