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‘I’m a foreign correspondent … but I’m also Filipino’

Manila-based freelance journalist Barnaby Lo has been covering some of the most devastated areas of his country ever since Typhoon Haiyan raked across the Philippines on Nov. 8.

He spoke to NewsHour Weekend via Skype on Sunday from Cebu City, on an island that was directly in the storm’s path. He said that reporting on the disaster has become harder as people grow desperate for food and clean water. Lo said he and his crew were swarmed by a group of residents who had endured eight days with no food or water.

“It’s heartbreaking for me to see my countrymen suffer this much,” he said.

Photo by Barnaby Lo

“I’ve had my share of covering these typhoons and there’s been a lot of suffering, obviously,” he said. “This country has had to suffer so much because of all these natural calamities, but not at this level.”

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