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Instagram reaches 200 million users, passes Twitter in U.S. mobile use

Mashable reported Wednesday that during a phone conference about Facebook’s purchase of virtual reality company Oculus VR, Mark Zuckerberg casually dropped the fact that Instagram now has two hundred million users.

Instagram shared the “two hundred million strong” news on its Tumblr blog and thanked the 50 million people who joined in the last six months.

As Mashable pointed out, an increase of 50 million users in six months means that Instagram has grown by roughly 100 percent in the past year.

That two hundred million number also means that Instagram has now passed Twitter in U.S. mobile use.

Forbes reports that, according to eMarketer, approximately 30.8 million Americans used Twitter on their smartphones in 2013. That number is expected to rise this year to 37.3 million. In 2013, Instagram had about 34.6 million users, and it is believed to reach 40.5 million by 2014.