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WILMINGTON, VT - AUGUST 31: Oscar Smith cleans up mud from flooding caused by tropical storm Irene in an apartment on West...

Introducing ‘Let’s Fix It’ – how to clean up after a flood

My name is Mike. I help produce the PBS NewsHour and have been thinking a lot lately about how best to learn from YOU, our audience.

The rate of mass shootings and natural disasters lately makes for a grim news cycle that can leave anyone feeling helpless.

I want to try an experiment that’s driven by just the opposite: your real-world expertise and know-how. Here’s the idea:

Let’s Fix It. We propose a problem every week. You share your solutions. By curating your insight and advice, along with some of our own reporting, we present an answer. Together we might do some good.

We’re thinking, great math mysteries like the moving sofa problem, complex moral dilemmas like the trolley problem applied to driverless cars or even fantasy scenarios like how to spend $1 billion to help the most people. But first, let’s begin with a problem that’s plagued millions of Americans this fall:

How do you clean up your house after a flood?

Please share your ideas on our new NewsHour Reddit page, Twitter and Facebook using the hashtag #letsfixit. You can also leave suggestions on this post. I’ll do some reporting while our team collects your comments.

Next week, we’ll present the best answers and pose the next problem.

Public Media celebrates 50 years this month. Its cornerstone has always been community.

Let’s discover what we can do when we put our heads together.

Let’s fix it.