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Jim Lehrer ‘Refreshed’ Meeting News Consumers on Cross-Country Trip

Within the matter of a week, we’ve seen Jim Lehrer e-mail us pictures from his phone, write his first blog post (from a moving train no less) and use Skype to file dispatches from his voyage across the country in support of his new novel.

“Geeks unite,” he proclaimed in this video dispatch from his hometown of Wichita, Kan.

These digital reports are raising the bar for the rest of us — for people both on-camera and behind-the-scenes — and show the world that the recent changes at the NewsHour are not merely cosmetic. The increased integration of the online and broadcast operations, and the format changes to the broadcast are just part of a larger platform-neutral cultural shift happening here. This video is another significant indicator:

We’ll have more from Jim next week. You can keep up with his travels as he tours the country to visit PBS stations and discuss his new novel, “Super,” on this road trip page.

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