Last-minute Halloween costumes that will cost you nothing

Didn’t have time to get a Halloween costume this year? Here are five ideas to get you through the holiday.

1. Ghost, Snapchat edition
Requires: An old sheet
How it works: Cut two holes for your eyes in an old sheet. Drape sheet over you, then walk up to people and disappear precisely 10 seconds later.

2. #Halloween, a trending topic
Requires: Your voice
How it works: When asked, “what are you?” proclaim, “Halloween!” Continue to shout “Halloween!” at no one in particular. Get others to do the same.

3. Facebook “like”
Requires: Your thumbs
How it works: Hold out a thumb in front of objects, people and dogs (animals of any kind will do, really). People will get it.
Note: For extra points, take this tip from “The Office”’s Jim Halpert, and write “Book” on your face. Classic.

4. Emoji
Requires: Miscellaneous objects from your home.
How it works: Throughout the night, present fruit, hats, office supplies, etc. to express your mood. Simultaneously, greet people with over-the-top facial expressions and hand gestures.

5. Uber rider
Requires: A phone
How it works: Frequently wave your phone and ask strangers, “Are you my Uber driver?!”
Note: This costume could also work as a couple’s costume. Get someone else to exclaim, “Hello, it’s me! Your Uber driver!”

BONUS: If you’re too tired to carve a jack-o-lantern this Halloween, we did all the work so you don’t have to. Here’s an hour-long, 4k video of flickering pumpkins, carved by PBS NewsHour staff…for viewers like you.

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