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Live: SCOTUS rules on Hobby Lobby case

Watch here for reactions and statements outside the Supreme Court this morning. We’re expecting the court’s ruling on the Hobby Lobby case any moment. Today’s Morning Line lays out what’s at stake in the high profile case over corporate rights:

All eyes on the Supreme Court: The Supreme Court today will decide two cases with broad implications for the president and Democrats — whether the Affordable Care Act can require companies to provide contraceptive coverage and a case that could crush public sector unions. Two years after the Supreme Court upheld President Barack Obama’s health care law as constitutional, the justices on Monday at 10 a.m. ET will issue a decision in the Hobby Lobby case and decide whether the ACA violates the free exercise of religion. We’ll say this — Chief Justice John Roberts certainly likes drama, leaving the most controversial decision for the last day of the session after a string of unanimous decisions. There are a host of other contraception challenges making their way through the courts from religious non-profits and Catholic universities. The political implications from today’s decision are big — any weakening of an ACA provision will be trumpeted by Republicans as they seek momentum ahead of November’s elections. But if it’s upheld, it will be the rare bit of good news for Democrats and the Obama administration of late. The court could go so far as to decide that public sector unions can’t automatically deduct dues from members. As is often the case with the court, there’s a question of how narrow or broad it goes.

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