Louisiana officers charged in shooting death of child following police chase

Two Louisiana police officers are in custody and charged with second-degree murder, following the fatal shooting of a six-year-old boy on Tuesday.

Officer Norris Greenhouse and Lt. Derrick Stafford were charged with second-degree murder and attempted second-degree murder in the death of Jeremy Mardis.

Mardis was in the car, when his father Chris Few was being pursued by police in the small city of Marksville, local media reported. He was buckled into the passenger seat of the vehicle and died in the crossfire.

Greenhouse and Stafford, both serving as Marksville City Marshals at the time, were trying to arrest Few when a car chase ensued, ending in the death of Mardis.

The event was captured on the body cameras the two officers were wearing.

Louisiana state police superintendent Mike Edmonson told the press that the footage was “the most disturbing thing I’ve seen.”

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