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No Court TV

Lawyers for the Texas governor will appear before the high court Friday to argue against a Florida Supreme Court decision to allow manual recounts in three Florida counties.

Chief Justice William Rehnquist said the court will stick to its long-held rule against cameras in the courtroom.

“A majority of the court remains of the view that we should adhere to our present practice of allowing public attendance and print media coverage of argument sessions but not allow camera or audio coverage,” Rehnquist wrote in a letter to C-SPAN Chairman Brian Lamb.

The network, which regularly broadcasts sessions of Congress, was “disappointed” in the decision, said General Counsel Bruce Collins.

“It is difficult to conceive of any other argument before the court more deserving of the largest possible audience than this one,” Collins said.

Lamb wrote the chief justice last week, saying the network wanted to provide unobtrusive television coverage of the hearing. He argued that broadcasting the court proceedings would increase public acceptance of the verdict.

“We respectfully suggest that televised coverage of that role would be an immense public service and would help the country understand and accept the outcome of the election,” Lamb wrote.

Rehnquist said a transcript of the proceedings would be made public later in the day.