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Michelle Bachmann visits Cairo, criticizes Muslim Brotherhood

Three U.S. lawmakers — Michelle Bachmann, Steve King and Louie Gohmert — released a 15-minute video while in Cairo Saturday thanking the Egyptian military for cracking down on the Muslim Brotherhood, which she dubbed a “great evil” and “our common enemy.”

“We’ve seen the threat the Muslim Brotherhood has posed. We stand against this great evil,” Bachmann said, following that she sees a great future for Egypt. She also blamed the Muslim Brotherhood for the Sept. 11 attacks, saying, “We remember who caused 9-1-1 in America.” The Washington Post’s foreign affairs blogger Max Fisher wrote that the video “is a doozey. Bachmann, presumably supported by King and Gohmert, offers fulsome praise for the coup and the military-led government’s subsequent actions, describing its crackdowns against sit-ins and demonstrations as “the front lines” in “the war on terrorism.” … King and Gohmert offered similar but more tempered remarks.”

You can watch the YouTube video below:

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