Morley Safer, CBS newsman for over five decades, dies at age 84

Veteran journalist and longtime “60 Minutes” correspondent Morley Safer died at age 84 after recently announcing his retirement following a period of declining health, CBS News reported Thursday. He had reported for the network for more than five decades.

Safer announced his retirement last week. He worked in primetime network television news longer than anyone else in the industry, the Associated Press reported.

“Morley was one of the most important journalists in any medium, ever,” said CBS chairman and CEO Leslie Moonves, in a network-issued statement. “He broke ground in war reporting and made a name that will forever be synonymous with ’60 Minutes.’ He was also a gentleman, a scholar, a great raconteur.”

Soon after news of Safer’s death was confirmed, CBS News paid tribute to his memory on social media.

In his last tweet on May 15, Safer offered thanks for a lifetime of memories, saying, “It’s been a wonderful run.”

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